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Our message, vision and goals

WorkArmy.io is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing freelance and outsourcing platforms to hit the internet.

We are a team of passionate, dedicated, and driven individuals, who all have the same vision for both our clients and our Freelancers alike. Our goal is to create a community environment where business owners and freelancers work together, grow together, and create strong, long lasting business relationships

Goals for business owners

We want our website to be a community where entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small to medium business owners can connect with qualified experts who are dedicated to being a part of your business growth. We are committed to providing the platform, the expertise needed to fulfill your business goals.

Vision for freelancers

We want to provide a workspace where we become loyal partners to each other, and to our clients. We see the competition raising their commissions and fees, and dropping the ball when it comes to meeting the needs of their loyal freelancers. Our goal and vision is to do the opposite, offer lower fees, and increased help and support to all our members



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What People Are Saying

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Angela Marconi testimonial
Angela Marconi
AM Interior Designs

We were looking to replace our old logo with a newer upscale design. And a friend recommended we search on Workarmy. We found a great graphic designer (Amanda) who designed a perfect logo for us. She has since redesigned our website and several marketing materials. We now recommend Workarmy, and Amanda to all of our business associates. A warm thank you to the Workarmy team for providing such a great place to hire talented freelancers.

Lee Sangho testimonial
Lee Sangho
Founder Tri-tech media

We needed a social media manager and a virtual assistant, which we found both on WorkArmy. We have had great success and a positive experience with both freelancers, and will continue to work with them on an ongoing basis. To our surprise, we had no fees to pay after hiring these freelancers. So we are currently looking to add one more new freelancer to our virtual team, and are confident we will find him or her on WorkArmy.

Otis Morgan testimonial
Otis Morgan
Quality air solutions

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of different freelancers and with many different outsourcing companies. And during that time, we have had our share of successes and failures. Needless to say, we know what to look for when hiring a freelancer. And I can attest that the few freelancers that I have worked with on here so far, are some of the most talented and dedicated workers I have worked with. I am not sure what the Workarmy folks are doing but it seems to be working. Keep up the good work - all of you.

Michael Delaney testimonial
Michael Delaney
CEO @ Brandbox

Thank you for helping us add a great project manager to our virtual team. We knew exactly what we were looking for and I personally interviewed over 10 candidates from your site. Most of whom seemed great, and worth a shot, but one person felt like the perfect match for what we were looking for. So we hired that person immediately. And while it has only been a few weeks, things are already progressing beyond my expectations. We are extremely happy with our choice and would highly recommend your site to others.

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